Sunday, March 09, 2008


First things first: Our long national nightmare is over.

We had another weekend in Savannah and just got back a few hours ago. It was relaxing, enjoyable, entertaining, silly, and much needed for both of us, I think. This trip came out of Amelia's Valentine's day present for me: Tickets to see Ben Folds in concert.

This marks my third time seeing Ben Folds in concert. The first time was before his first album hit it big at the HordeFest in 1995 (?) I think. We didn't know who they were and were walking over to the mainstage when we heard this band jamming out on the piano on a side stage. We were impressed. At least that's my recollection of how it went. I could be wrong, but that's the story I'll go with.

The second time was at a club in Salt Lake. I think it was not long after Ben Folds had gone separate ways from Ben Folds Five. It was crowded and everyone was standing and I couldn't see very much. Fun, but not spectacular.

This concert was definitely my favorite of the three. The show was at the Lucas in Savannah:

See, I was really there.

Once we go inside, I'm so excited for the concert to start that I completely go blurry. It was a little embarrassing, but people were understanding.

This guy, Eef Barzelay, opened for Ben Folds.

Things you should know about Eef Barzelay: 1) He dresses and dances like Elvis Costello. 2) His songs are pretty good, in a nerdy guy kind of way. 3) He looks just like my friend Dan Eves--at least from 20 yards away.

Hey look, it's Ben Folds!

It's just him and a drummer and a bass player, so it's pretty much easy to focus on his playing.

Sometimes he stands up and plays.

Sometimes he has a guy play the tambourine. His name is Tambo Man. (No really, he's got a MySpace page and everything, so you know he's for reals.)

Sometimes he puts things in his piano to make it sound different. That's what's happening here, but you can't tell, since it's just a picture.

If you're very very good, he stands on his piano. You might be confused and think he's balancing on the head of the guy in front of me. He's not. He is small, but not that small.Also he throws his stool at the piano, but I was too busy clapping to take a picture of that. Needless to say, it was a good time.

On Saturday, we participated in myriad activities. For example, we Enjoyed Tasty Beverages. Amelia's came with whipped cream.

Mine came with suspicion.

Later we did a little window shopping. At the candy store, I learned that taffy is made with a taffy pulling machine. That's probably good, because otherwise what are you going to do with a taffy pulling machine? Cause trouble, that's what.

Unfortunately, we didn't have time to stop in Amelia's favorite store.

However, she did get one step closer to fulfilling her dream of imitating iconic statues all over the south, so it wasn't a wasted trip.
All things considered, and despite some issues with our hotel (note to readers: Do not stay at the Holiday Inn Express on Abercorn in Savannah. It sucks.) we had a really fun weekend. Window shopping, dinner at Lady and Son's (Paula Dean's restaurant for you Food Network aficionados out there), going to the movies (Charlie Bartlett, which was 2/3 original and funny and satirical and 1/3 movie cliches) and just generally taking a break from the grind. I highly recommend it.

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