Friday, April 04, 2008

Crappy Berfday

Yesterday was my birthday. Strange to begin my last year of my 20s. It started out as a great day, but I had a major run-in with some friends (I won't go into it here) and had instead a not so great day. That's why I love my wife, though. She rocks and always has my back.

Anyway, I guess I don't have it too bad. While some teachers in my neck of the woods are apparently at risk of violence from their third grade students, my eleventh graders threw a surprise party for me. On Wednesday (not my birthday) the bell rang and no one was in the room. I thought they might be having a class meeting, but when I turned around a few minutes later they were all piling through the door singing "Happy Birthday" with cake and ice cream and chips and dip in their hands. I really felt loved and appreciated. I got some very thoughtful cards from co-workers and it was just great. Yesterday Amelia gave me some great presents (new converse for work, xbox stuff, etc.) and we enjoyed some Flight of the Conchords in an attempt to break me out of my funk.

Today, though, I came to school to another downer of a surprise. A former student here--one I did not teach but met and knew and knew of--got arrested for manufacturing fake IDs. Hey, kids! Don't be stupid! Drinking isn't that awesome that it's worth prison time. I don't even drink and I know that. Apparently he came onto the radar of police and investigators when he paid cash for a $26,000 car. Whoops.

Anyway, hope this year turns out better than the last two days have.

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