Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Bookshelf is Back

I've decided to reopen the Bookshelf (see the link at right). I'm posting the same reviews I write on GoodReads--mostly short, quick responses. Also, for the first time I'm adding an AdSense link at the top of that page. If you can, try clicking on something there. Who knows, maybe this is how we'll get the money to go to Japan! Also, I'm testing out the new blogger "Blog Feed widget." I'm not sold, yet. Which do you like better, the version on top, where it gives you the date of the last update (I can remove the blogger icon if that's annoying) or the "classic" version beneath that just lists the site? I'm on the fence right now. I like that, for the Bookshelf, for example, I wouldn't have to post when I update, it would just jump to the top of the list. But I also wish I could put the date next to, instead of below, the title, to conserve space. What to do, what to do.

In other news, we went and saw Wall-E yesterday. What a creative movie. It's amazing how, with so little dialogue, they create fully fleshed out and interesting characters. I don't know how Pixar does it, but they routinely make original and entertaining works. OK, Cars was a low point, but they've done so much that's just great. Big thumbs up. If I were going to work for a movie studio, that seems like it might be a fun one to work for. Then again, I think any job at a film studio would be fun. Someday, perhaps. Once I'm done with all this teaching.

Finally, ComicCon is this week. I'm not there, but--nerd that I am--one of my goals is to go to ComicCon eventually. I like all the stuff there: comics, movies, tv, sci-fi, etc. What's not to like? Plus, I believe it's in San Diego, so Amelia would want to go too. It's the perfect plan!

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