Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Truth is In Here

After seven long months, Amelia and I finally finished all nine seasons of the X-Files. We've enjoyed our time with Mulder, Scully, and all the rest, but I'm also looking forward to starting some new shows.

Though I'm still a little confused by the actual conspiracy, I did learn a lot watching this show: Never trust a man who smokes. Aliens are not only among us but actually are us, somehow. If your dog disappears, it's probably because a mythical swamp creature swallowed whole and/or it was attacked by Satanists. You know, the usual stuff.

I'll compile a top five episodes list at some point (just like I promised a post about the house and a post about my new computer), but I needed to clarify one thing.

Those last two seasons of the show that everyone complains went off the rails? Not so bad.

Sure, Duchovney's departure was a blow, and especially in the last season it seemed keeping Mulder in the story was getting more and more awkward, and Reyes is no Scully, but John Doggett (you may know him as the T-1000 from Terminator 2)? Not that bad! In fact, I really like him. Yeah, I missed Mulder's sense of humor, but they still told some pretty fun stories. In all honesty, the worst part about those seasons is Scully had nothing to do but shout "Don't hurt my baby!" again and again and again.

In other scary news, the economy is hitting Amelia's industry pretty hard. We're hopeful that her job will still be here next month (and next week), but it's a little bit up in the air, so send good thoughts our way. On the other hand, maybe this is why we decided to start cutting back our expenses.

I hope not. Japan would be much cooler than just being poor.

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