Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Thanks to Christian for coming to join us in watching, waiting, and celebrating. McCain's concession speech was gentlemanly and classy. And if you haven't heard or read Obama's acceptance speech, do so. For me it was inspiring and another call for unity. I'm not so naive, despite what I know some readers may think, to believe that everything Barack Obama wants is what's best for this country or to believe that he'll get everything done he wants, but his vision for America still excites me and inspires me. It feels like a new day.

However you voted, this is a historic election. I wouldn't have thought 15 years ago--or even 5 years ago--that an African American could become president at this point in our country's history--just a few years removed from Rodney King, and OJ, and Katrina. Incredible. This year I was a part of history.

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