Saturday, February 20, 2010

Olympic . . . Clamminess

As opposed to Beijing in 2008, I'm having kind of a hard time catching catching Olympic fever this year. I'm mildly interested, but that's about it.

The thing is, I probably enjoy winter sports a little more than summer sports. Bobsled? Snowboarding? Ice Dancing? All awesome. But this year I have no real desire to push through and watch. And not just because of the possibility that I might get stuck watching one of those awful Mary Carillo featurettes. It's just not doing it for me.

Speaking of which, I just finished reading John Smolens' The Anarchist. Skip it. Though a historical fiction novel about the assassination of William McKinley should be ripe for excitement, the whole thing is just flat. None of the characters are believable. None of them are even particularly well drawn. Really a bit of a waste of time.

So who knows what I'll read next. I'm thinking of hitting Treasure Island. I know, a bit of a kids book, but one I never read and one that ought to be fun and fast. After that, who knows? Maybe Stieg Larsson's The Girl Who Played With Fire. Whatever I'm reading, I seem to be avoiding reading some of the stuff for school I probably should. Ah well, it's that time of year. Spring break looming, mid-year boredom. Such is life.

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