Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Burning Down the House

So, I just about burned down the house. We ordered a stromboli from Home Delivery Pizza (State College dining at it's finest). The Wife was finishing her workout when it was delivered, so I cut it in half and put her half in the oven. Only, not thinking very clearly, I just slid the whole cardboard box in the oven. I thought I turned it on just at Warm, and since it was just supposed to be a few minutes, I thought it'd be fine.


Turns out I twisted a burner knob to Warm and left the oven at 450 degrees. A few minutes go buy, and I start to smell smoke . . .

Long story short, I set the smoke alarm off twice, sprayed down our whole kitchen with the extinguisher, and made a general mess of things. I learned that the extinguisher chemicals hurt your lungs more than smoke does, and that it settles into a yellow dust. It was awful. It took about 30 minutes for our apartment to clear of fumes and smoke.


The upshot of all this? The Wife felt bad because I felt so stupid, so she's making apple crisp now. Either I have the best wife around, or else I should try and burn the house down more.

1 comment:

Zimm said...

You, my friend, are clearly a moron. You probably almost cut your thumb off with a table saw too...