Thursday, September 30, 2004

Kerry Wins Round One

Just finished watching the first presidential debate. I'd say that pretty decisively John Kerry won that debate. The current president seemed to be fumbling over himself, looking annoyed, and leaving long pauses. Kerry looked presidential: he was clear, he made his points strongly, he countered Bush's arguments. As a fairly undecided voter, I have to say that I gained a lot more confidence in Kerry's international policies than in Bush's. As Kerry himself said, just saying things are going well in Iraq doesn't make it so. I also kept getting the impression that Bush's response to Kerry's criticisms was "Well, you can't say things against me and then say you still support the troops." I just think his (Bush's) arguments were a lot more based on the Truth According to GW Bush rather than a let's-analyze-the-facts-and-figure-out-the-best-route philosophy. Admitting that we need to do some major course corrections is not a sign of weakness; I think constantly proclaiming that American policy is always right and never can be doubted or questioned shows an imperialist attitude that is (at best) disturbing and at worst an invitation to more terrorist activity.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the next debates as well.


corey hawkey said...

Right on!

Zimm said...

I am waiting for the debate between their hair stylists...then a clear winner will be obvious.