Monday, October 25, 2004

depression and the literature student

Well, I finished Bastard Out of Carolina this morning. Let's see, is it a requirement for "great literature" to make you want to shoot yourself in the face? First The Ice Storm, then this book. In all honesty, B.O.O.C. was actually very well written, though it of course included the requisite "unmentionables" that make me unable to recommend it to my mother or many others. More than a bit disturbing.

Still, I guess if books were just like my life, I wouldn't want to bother reading them, right?

So I've got a little spending money and am not sure where to spend it. The Dork Side is begging me to use the force and buy the new Star Wars DVDs, but I also am not a fan of how George Lucas changes everything and worry that if I spent my money there I'd never actually get around to watching them. The Doctor of Love tells me to buy Halo 2 so that we can have an online Halo party, but frankly I don't think I'll have a lot of time to play Xbox until Christmas break. The Practical me points out the fact that I don't have a good portable CD player, but the Wishful Thinking me says "Why bother with CDs? Save up and get a big ol' MP3 player. Only $229 for an Ipod through the PSU computer store!" And of course Barnes and Noble continues to call my name like an evil Siren: "Sure you have a stack of books you haven't read yet, but you can never have too many books!"

I may be a nerd, but at least I'm an indecisive nerd.

Oh, wait.

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