Monday, December 20, 2004

cold as ice

Man, this town is C-O-L-D! It's 3 degrees Fareheit outside right now. Three! And that's not even counting the wind chill factor! I drove Amelia to work this morning, and in the 50 yard walk to our car our faces literally almost fell off. It's so cold it constricts your lungs when you try to take a deep breath in. Just freezing. It makes me happy we have a warm apartment and indoor jobs. We're pretty lucky.

So, now I have plenty to do over my break. I have a chapter to edit for the book my dad's writing (I've had this since before we moved from Utah, so I really need to get it finished for him. I feel awful that I haven't looked at it in so long.) My old job, as mentioned, emailed me and I've got work to do for them. I have to finish my personal history for my brother. I like having stuff to do besides just sit and watch tv. So that's good. But I won't get much done today. Amelia's got a work party today from 12:30 to 4:30 (four hours? That's crazy) and then we've got some friends coming over tonight. It's nice, that whole "making friends" thing. Last night we went over to some friends in our ward and played "Bunko." Have you played this game? It's pretty entertaining. Basically you roll dice and try to get a certain score. It sounds boring, but there's two tables going, and you're trying to win before the other table, and if you lost a round then you have to switch partners . . . overall it's a lot of fun. Anyway, they combined it with a white elephant gift exchange, and we won the game "Pit," which is also lots of fun, and which we'd been talking about wanting to buy. So it was good all around. Anyway, I am enjoying the break, and we're feeling ok about staying here in Pennsylvania, even though we won't see a lot of family. But it's not like we're completely alone--my brother and his family are coming after Christmas, so we're way excited about that. Now we just have to figure out fun things to do in this town!

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