Monday, December 06, 2004

students that make me sad

I found out one of my students was plagiarizing today. It's kind of a sketchy case--there was a source, but like a page of the paper was taken straight from a website. So I think I'll have to have a little heart to heart with her, give her a zero on this paper, and give her an option to do a rewrite. It makes me a little disappointed. She's been getting Bs in the class, so I'm guessing it's an issue of stress and time rather than anything malicious. At least I hope so. I also hope I won't be too lax on her.

On another note, we went and saw National Treasure on Saturday. Not a great movie, but a fun popcorn movie. We both enjoyed it, though it's of the DaVinci Code "patently absurd though it claims to be plausible" camp. It was fun though. If you don't go expecting a lot, it's enjoyable.

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