Thursday, March 31, 2005

one day at a time

So, I figure I can get everything done if I just take it a little at a time and work hard whenever I can. Today's goal is to finish my oral presentation on Darwin for Wednesday. Then tomorrow and Saturday I'll write my oral presentation for Monday. That one annoys me, because we have to write out everything we'll say, but it's an oral presentation. For a guy like me, who would rather just sketch an outline and then do a presentation from my notes, it effectively doubles my workload. Plus, according to my friend Lance, the teacher grades the written piece we turn in like a paper, so he doesn't want anything "too talky." Which is it, man, an oral presentation or the reading of a paper? You can't call it one and then grade it like the other. It's annoying.

But I'll get it done and it'll be fine. I think I'll have plenty to say once I sit down to write it, and I've got all day tomorrow and some time on Saturday, so it'll work. Plus, I just don't care much about that class, so I'm not real motivated.

This weekend is obnoxiously busy. Not only do I have two presentations to finish, but I also have a three hour training meeting on Saturday, an inordinate amount of church this weekend, and a lot of work to do on upcoming final papers. Breathing is not really an option right now. I know everyone's busy and I shouldn't complain, I just needed to rant for a minute.

In other news, last night we had the missionaries and a guy they're teaching over for dinner. His name is Hong and he's really cool. Plus, he's an awesome cook, so he brought this really tasty pork dish. Yum. He's given me a bunch of Japanese movies he wants me to watch, and I feel bad because I just don't have time right now, even though I want to (He gave me, for example, the original "Ring" and its sequels, which Amelia won't see but I'm interested in). It was a lot of fun. He's a pretty funny guy.

All right, back to work.

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