Sunday, April 03, 2005

happy birthday to me

Well, it's been a pretty good birthday. Amelia got me a couple of small things--one I asked for, one which was a surprise. So I got a fog-free mirror so I can shave in the shower (which is what I asked for) and a Ben Harper/Blind Boys of Alabama CD (which I have been listening to on Napster a lot and really like, but which was a total surprise). That was pretty cool. My family called (from all around the country), so that was good too, we went to over to some friends' house for lunch, and Amelia's making a steak dinner for me! So I can't complain. The only bad thing is that it's snowing today, which is ridiculous, but which I think is just a fluke--tomorrow should be back to just rain.

On another note, I hate North Carolina.

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