Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Random Ramblings

A kid from my Shakespeare class gave a presentation yesterday. It was good, and he's a really nice guy, but he kept pronouncing "gender" as "jon-der." It made it really hard to focus.

I wish American Idol would just go away.

I bought a computer tonight. It was expensive. Thank goodness for no interest credit cards and tax returns.

At the video store, I brought my purchases to the counter and the guy talked to me for like five minutes about how great my choices were. There's a line between friendly and obnoxious, and he got dangerously close to crossing. Yes, I'm aware that "Ray" is supposed to be really good and Jamie Foxx is great in it. Yes, I know "Sky Captain" has computerized backgrounds. I'm glad you enjoyed them too. Now let me go!

I had another library trip today where I came home with fifteen new books. With what I already had checked out I now have 40 books from the library, and another 6 on reserve.

I wish I spoke Latin.

As I was writing this, my credit card's fraud detection company called to make sure the huge charge to my card (which I made less than fifteen minutes ago) was actually from me. That's kind of cool. It's nice to know the company is looking out for me. Thank you Discover Card!

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