Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Highs and Lows

The good news: Congratulations to my sister Beth! Her boyfriend Tim proposed to her on Valentine's Day. I don't know all the specifics, but I know he was waiting for her in a box out at Rock Canyon in Provo. Way to go Tim, for mailing yourself at least to the correct town, even if you did get the wrong address. Kidding aside, this is great. They've been dating for quite a while (2-3 years?) and Tim is a great guy. We're excited to have him in the family. Plus, he's a die-hard Jayhawk fan, so you know that's good news.

The bad news: I got my first job rejection today. On the one hand it's good because a response is better than no response. On the other hand it was a job I could have been really excited about. Back to the drawing board. I'm contemplating getting a job at Barnes and Noble and just having time to write (that's the ultimate goal) but in the meantime I'd better try and make a career or something. We'll see. If I still only have rejections in six months, I may seriously consider this idea.

I'm thinking of trying to learn guitar. Can you do that on your own, or would I have to invest in lessons? Also, how much does a good beginning guitar cost? $200? $300? Should I be eBaying this action? Should I invest in a keyboard instead--at least I've got a start there. Decisions decisions. The plus side of the guitar is if the job situation doesn't work out we can move to an alley in New York and I can play on the subways for change. That could be fun too.

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