Sunday, February 12, 2006

I had a dream. I had an awesome dream.

Last night I dreamed that I got a call from the NSA. They told me they had received my application, but I actually scored too highly on a test (what test? I don't remember taking any test) to get any of the jobs I applied for. But, they did want to offer me a job going into deep cover in northern Italy. I would move there to a small town near the French border, but I wouldn't be able to tell my wife why we were moving. I said, "But I don't speak Italian." They told me they thought I had a high aptitude and would learn quickly.

Guess I've been watching too much of the Olympics.

I don't know about you, but how come they don't show more of the Paralympics on television? After watching Murderball, it seems like there's some cool stuff going on there that nobody sees. Sure, Bode Miller skis downhill really fast. But how about those guys that ski downhill with only one leg? That's impressive, if you ask me.

So Valentine's Day is coming up fast. For all my secret admirers out there, I don't need any of these items, but a new 12:00 class would be good. Those students are so dead. No matter what I say they just sit and stare back at me. Not good times.

I had something to blog about when I sat down, but I immediately forgot it. Must be a sign: back to work/play.

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