Monday, March 09, 2009

Bite Size Bloggery

So as you can see at right I'm reading The Great Santini, which scores of kids who don't like reading count as their favorite book. I have to admit, I'm just not feeling it. It seems so hokey and melodramatic! Maybe you have to be a "true" Southerner to like it, which I readily agree that I am not. Sorry, Pat Conroy (though the local references are fun to catch), but I'm bored with you so far.

Moose Munch from Harry & David, where have you been all my life?

Have you seen Microsoft's World in 2019? This is a future I can get behind!
DVR, you're doing it right.

But Joss Whedon's new show Dollhouse, you're not yet. I want to believe you'll be good, because I have soft spots in my heart for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Serenity/Firefly. But I'm also not convinced Eliza Dushku is enough of an actress to carry this show. I hear you get good around episode 6, so I'll keep watching, but I have to ask . . . why not start with episode 6?

Why don't have the time anymore to get things done? I can't seem to make grading headway, I'm not making book progress, and I can't seem to remember the last time I turned on the Xbox. Where is the time going? Am I really wasting that much time on my new HD channels?


Speaking of which, I might dedicate a whole post to this, but Palladia may be the coolest new channel I have found in a long time. A constant series of HD concerts (featuring everyone from Kanye West to Elvis Costello--very sweaty--to Foo Fighters to Sting and beyond, plus HD music videos with (from what I've seen) almost no commercials? I'll take it!

In fact, maybe I'll go turn it on and do some reading/grading

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