Thursday, February 18, 2010


I know, I know. There I am right below this post promising to blog every day until my birthday, and then what happens the next day? Nothing. Because I didn't blog. My blogger's license should be revoked.

Speaking of which (now that's what I call a segue), I've been getting a lot of updates about the Oscars in my Google Reader. Apparently the producers are trying to liven up the show to attract more viewers. Cutting song performances, trying to make speeches more exciting by setting up an online "thank you cam" etc. So here's my idea.

Oscar Revokes. You know those Oscars that everybody is excited about at the moment but then months or years later we're all like, really? We did that? We gave an Oscar to Mira Sorvino? Make them give them back. Force them to come back to the show, publicly apologize for their inability to live up to their award, and then melt down that little gold statue right in front of them. In worst case scenarios, they could even call up whoever should have one and give them an honorary retroactive award.

For example, I think the first Revoke should go to Mr. Cuba Gooding Jr. Just have him come up on stage and show a reel of films he made AFTER winning an Oscar: Snow Dogs! Boat Trip! Daddy Day Camp! Norbit! The Land Before Time XIII!

That guy is soiling Oscars name! What do you think? Anyone you think shouldn't be have the title "Oscar-winner" before their name?

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